all i have to offer is my own confusion.

fuck your world, i'll take mine

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wait, where are all those cocky Pens fans who kept saying ‘Pens in 7’ ……? Wrong. Flyers in 6. go home

weeee, love my boys. praying for a Bruins loss and Kings win

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The internet is literally full of lifeless psychos. I post MY opinion on the playoffs, post videos I didn’t make, and links to articles I didn’t write, and I have about 20 messages from different anonymous people (go figure) telling me to drink bleach/kill myself/etc…….literally you are all CRAZY. wanna post your own opinions? have the fuck at it. You don’t see me stalking through Tumblr tags and then reblogging people to bash their opinion or sending them anonymous death threats.

I DON’T LIKE THE PENS. that’s it. I post videos I think are funny or articles that YOU TOO would post if it were about the Flyers or a team you hate. Quite frankly, I’m glad I was able to piss you off enough for you to go out of your way to send me anonymous novels bitching and whining. I’m sorry you lack a social life and a backbone.

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